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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Igorot Inventor Douglas Paticawen recognized at First ASEAN Skills Olympics competition

Photo Courtesy || Douglas Paticawen

Cordillera- Most inventors who have brilliant minds spend their time figuring out how to make things work and make life more easier and convenient. Most came from humble beginnings but were recognized then later became famous because their inventions  made a great impact to people's lives.

Mr. Douglas Paticawen, an exceptional Igorot inventor and fabricator was among them. Because of his ingenious works, government agencies and corporations sought his technical skills and expertise. 

Paticawen  from Mountain Province, was able to make different kinds of production machines purchased by several government agencies as a support to the livelihood of local farmers and other local industries in Cordillera.

The 39-year old Paticawen have several  inventions of his own. These include a coco dust machine or coconut husk decorticating machine which is used to separate the coco fiber from the coco dust and hull;  a dehydrator to dry tea leaves, and a peanut butter grinder. 

He also fabricated  a coffee roaster, which is a favorite; a multi function huller that can shell off rice, coffee and corn;  a shredder that can shred plastics; a crusher used to crush bottles; and some hollow block molders. Though he can still fabricate whatever your request of him.

His first fabricated work was the "dapilan", a machine that can extract a sugarcane to make a muscovado or molasses.

In 1995, Paticawen represented the country in the first ASEAN Skills Olympics competition held in Malaysia where his skills in fabrication was recognized.

Most of his fabricated and personally invented machines were sought by different government agencies like the department of Agriculture (DA), the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), and other Local Government Units (LGU's). These government agencies  purchase the machines and distribute them around Cordillera providing employment and livelihood to many locals.



Anonymous said...

Hope the government will support his inventions instead of buying same machines that are imported. Like the coffee roaster. Dti Is providing expensive imported coffee roaster to msme,s. I hope dti will buy engr Douglas paticawen coffee roaster for msme's

Anonymous said...

Wow may i patronage his invention? Where to buy his machineries i want the multi huller

Anonymous said...

Bigyan discount or credit yung bumibili ang local machines. At mag establish pondo to support inventors.

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