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Friday, October 2, 2020

Troops from 45th IB commanded by Igorot Lt. Col. Guinolbay besieged enemy camp with over 30 enemies

Photo Courtesy || Lt. Col. Guinolbay

Cordillera - Troops from the 45th Infantry Battalion commanded by Igorot Lt. Col. Ruben Guinolbay besieged ASG camp in Barangay Maligay, Patikul, Sulu on 23 September 2020, according to 45IB Gallant Troopers Post. 

With the help and cooperation of local residents in the area who reported presence of more than 30 members of the ASG, the battalion headed by Lt. Col. Guinolbay immediately conducted an operation resulting in an intense firefight and killing of several members of the enemy.

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In a more than one hour intense gunfight between the government troops and the ASG, the enemy ran away leaving one of their dead comrades in the area. 

The ASG suffered heavy looses on their side as evidence by thick blood left out by their wounded in the battle area. 

The troops had also recovered some enemy equipment and apparatus in battle scene.

"Hindi nang-iiwan ng patay ang mga Abu Sayyaf, at sa tagal nating karanasan sa pakikipaglaban sa kanila, mataas ang antas ng kanilang pagiging mandirigma at pilit nilang dinadala ang kanilang kasamahang nasawi sa laban, Lt. Col Guinolbay said in a statement. 

The troop continues to hunt down remaining ASG members in the southern part of the country to provide peace in the community. 

The support and the cooperation of civilians in the community are the key to achieving lasting peace and order in Sulu. 

source || 45IB Galland Troopers



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