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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Baguio City shows the whole world how social distancing is done properly

Photo Courtesy || Dante Domingo Agdeppa FB
Cordillera - The city of Baguio has been showing to other cities and provinces in the country and even to the whole world how to effectively implement social distancing which is a huge factor in curbing the spread of the coronavirus diseases (COVID-19).

The public market is one of the places where the spread of the virus is very high, as people flock to buy their basic needs, and at some point the social distancing rule was disregarded.

To ensure that social distancing is observed, The Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) has painted portions of the roads leading to the market with visual cues, one meter apart to indicate where market goers should stand. 

Photo Courtesy || Dante Domingo Agdeppa
The one meter is what the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended distance to prevent people from contracting and spreading COVID-19.

Photos from a netizen shows the effectiveness of painted visual cues on the road, as people stand organized and disciplined while going to buy goods at the public market.

Netizens expressed their commendation for the creative idea out in place by local government of Baguio and the cooperation and discipline of the residents.

A Facebook user Dante Domingo Agdeppa said, "These Filipinos are Residents of Baguio City showing the whole World how social distancing is done properly. I hope this will be followed  by all Filipinos in the whole Philippines",

"I'm proud of my birthplace. Baguio has always been a good role model city among all the Philippine cities. We'll grow up disciplined and responsible because our parents and teachers modeled good behavior," one netizen commented.

"Kudos to both the Police Office and the citizens for obediently following simple instructions. Congratulations to all of you. Job well done. You are simply the best..." a Facebook user said.


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