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Monday, October 22, 2018

WATCH: Locals discover bubbles of mud full of natural gas in Paracelis, Mountain Province

Photo Courtesy: KMJS-GMA
Cordillera - A remote town in Mountain Province could be a potential source of natural gas after local residence discovered a little fountain of mud that  spews methane gas.

In a video footage by KMJS - GMA, it shows how the bubbling mud contains methane gas that it can be set alight once it burst up from the ground.

A science teacher in the village conducted a test to prove if methane gas really existed from the bubbling mud. Together with her students, they put up a funnel on top of  the mud then connected to a cellophane bag to collect the gas. After a few minutes, they took the bag full of gas, connected to a hose and lit up the other end and used it to cook an egg. It actually worked and proved that natural gas in the form of methane exist in it.

The Department of Energy had a similar study and confirmed that the bubbling mud contains methane gas which can be used for cooking.

A further study about the existence of natural gas would benefit the local village and also the Philippines. Mountain Province could be the next source of power for the country after Malampaya becomes depleted by 2024.


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