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Thursday, July 6, 2017

DTI Ifugao warns the public about new scam that asks members P170 in exchange of P500

Cordillera - The Department of Trade and Industry-Ifugao (DTI-IFUGAO) has warned the public about a group in the province that recruits members to pay P170 in exchange of P500 worth of groceries.

In its Facebook post, DTI-Ifugao has informed the public about the group called Maharlika Global Heritage INC that is presently going around Ifugao province recruiting people to join with just a minimal membership fee of P170 and in returns, members will get grocery packages worth P500 every month. Worst, the group also promised recruits that they will get SSS and Philhealth lifetime membership.

Anyone who were not informed of the group's scamming modus will easily get trapped with that minimal fee of P170. But one should question the promised return which is highly "too good to be true." How can you get a lifetime SSS and Philhealth membership by paying only P170?

Before you get scammed by this group and wasted your money and time listening to their sales talk, it would be better to know several indications of a scam.

1. Promises seem too good to be true.
Scammers often promise incredible 10x or even 100x returns of your invested money and offer your returns that are often impossible.

2. They offer a "guarantee."
Scammers try to persuade you to join their group by telling you get "sure 100% returns" in a week or month. True investment do not offer guarantee.

3. They run their scam on Facebook.
Most scammers know that there are people on Facebook who are vulnerable and desperate to earn money. What they do is they create a Facebook Page which they run with poorly designed ads graphics and with members that are informed to say good things about the company. Mostly these are fake accounts.

4. They offer minimal fee that is affordable.
This is a bait as well as a test. When they learn that people in a particular area joined despite the fact that the return is obviously misleading and outright fraud, they know the people are easily get fooled. So the next time, they will increase the membership fee into thousand and then later on millions. When a lot of people deposit their money, then they disappear like smoke.



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