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Friday, March 31, 2017

JOB VACANCY: DepEd Benguet needs 135 teachers

Cordillera - The Department of Education Cordillera (DepEd - CAR), School Division of Benguet will hire 135 teachers for various positions to be deployed to different parts of Benguet. 

In a note published on DepEd Benguet website ( vacancy positions to be filled are for Teacher I and Master Teacher II. 

The note also said that "application letter shall be filled at the DepEd CAR, SDO Benguet located in Wangal, La Trinidad, Benguet (see map below) through the Records Section before the [specified] deadline". 

Applicants should bring with them the following documents:

– Personal Data Sheet (PDS)
– Service Records
– Transcript of Records
– Performance Ratings for the last three(3) rating periods 
– Certificates of Trainings/Seminars attended
– Certificate of Eligibility
– Other Pertinent Documents

MAP of DepEd-Car School Division Office Benguet

Click HERE to go direct to Google Map


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Philippine big coffee supplier Henry & Sons to buy local coffee from La-Trinidad, Benguet

Cordillera - A well known coffee manufacturing company based in Manila will be buying large quantities of coffee coming from the town of La Trinidad, Benguet. 

Henry & Sons, a coffee manufacturing company, an end product of the combined Collins Coffee and RICMAS Philippines expertise, has said it will be buying more coffee from local coffee farmers in La Trinidad. 

The company plans to manufacture quality coffee products that were locally produced as they target that 90 % of their product will come from local coffee farmers in Benguet, according to ABS CBN TV Patrol Baguio report.

Henry & Sons president and chief executive Michael Harris Lim has committed to improving the coffee industry in the town during the "Bloom Coffee 2017" Crop of the Year Competition held this week.

The premium coffee producers has been working with the Foundation for Sustainable Coffee Excellence (FSCE) to help the farmers improve their farms and to produce more quality coffee. 

Last year, Henry & Sons launched 5 different special coffee brews called Bloom Coffee that aim to support the foundation's programs  and also to promote coffee from La Trinidad. 

For all coffee lovers out there, you can purchase a can of Bloom Coffee from Henry & Sons' mobile app, Robinson's and Rustan's department stores. You can also order by calling FSCE's numbers 746 2693 or 746 2233 for a price of just Php260 per 250 grams. For every Bloom Coffee you bought, Php50 will go to various causes that benefits coffee farmers and their families according to FSCE's FB page.

There are numerous programs FSCE has been actively implementing today to help coffee farmers and their families. Aside from promoting and selling their products, the foundation is engaged in providing farmers with necessary tools, facilities and training so that they can produce quality coffee that will be at par with leading coffee producing countries. It also provides steady income while waiting for their crops to be sold. Medical assistance is also given to their children against common diseases like dengue and chicken pox.

The coffee in Benguet can be at par with world class coffee, according to television director Lino Cayetano who was one of the judges during the Bloom Coffee 2017 Crop of the Year Competition. 


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Cordilleran physicist is a mission controller for astronauts in Europe

Cordillera - Voyage to space is almost impossible to happen without the team of people on the ground facilitating the smooth and safe transport of astronauts from earth to space. For astronauts to be able to successfully conduct a mission, they need experts, engineers and scientists who closely monitor and oversee the entire space operation.

Those are some of the critical roles of the people working in a Mission Control Center such as the Biotechnology Space Support Center (Biotesc) in Lucerne University in Switzerland where Gwendolyn Pascua is currently working.

Gwendolyn Pascua, who hails from Tabuk, Kalinga is a Project Planning and Coordination, Operation Lead Engineer and a Ground Controller at BIOTESC in Switzerland.

BIOTESC acts on behalf of the European Space Agency that is tasked to guide scientists who are conducting experiments with astronauts and the International Space Station.
International Space Station (ISS) [Photo:]
“We prepare [the astronauts’] experiments and procedures starting from planning their experiments, coordinating with scientists and payload developers. We do all tests necessary on the ground before they are sent to the ISS (International Space Station),” Pascua said. - [Estanislao Albano Jrvia. 

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Gwendolyn Pascua was in the Mission Control Center of BIOTESC who successfully flew Thomas Pequet  aboard the Soyuz MS-03 on November 17 of last year.

Thomas Pequet was the first French Astronaut from the European Space Agency (ESA) who was blasted into space aboard the Soyuz spacecraft to the ISS for a six month space tour under the European Proxima mission project.

Soyuz MS-03 [Photo:
 Being an astronaut has been an aspiration for Gwendolyn since she was a kid and now all the efforts and sacrifices she had done to pursue her dream are slowly coming into reality now that she is working with a renowned space agency in Europe.

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To know more about the Gwendolyn Pascua, please visit this link

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Cordilleran warrior from Ifugao is back: Kevin "The Silencer" Belingon to fight on April 21

Cordillera - Just a month to wait and the "The Silencer" Kevin Belingon will return into the ring to show once again what a true Cordilleran fighter he is.

The 29-year-old Belingon, a native of Ifugao will return to the cage on April 21st to face Finland's Toni "Dynamite" Tauro in the undercard of ONE: Kings of Destiny.

Under Team Lakay, Belingon is one of the most feared strikers on ONE Championship's bantamweight division. He has a record of five KOs victories on his resume.

Belingon (14-5) will be one of the four Team Lakay fighters on the card who will be fighting alongside Eduard Folayang in the main event in the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila.

Talking about his opponent Tauro who has defeated one of his teammate Geje Eustaquio, Belingon   is confident that he can put a good fight and will win the game.

"I've been a staple of this weight class for a long time. I've fought the best of the best. I know Toni Tauru's caliber as a fighter. I am not taking this fight lightly. My focus is on walking away with my name being announced as the winner," Belingon said.

He also has given a warning to Tauru to be prepared, that although he is taller than him, he is going to come in there with his speed and punching power that definitely will stun him and put a winning advantage on his part.

Belingon is now in full training for his incoming fight. He said that he is training with other Team Lakay's members who are taller than him to get used to Tauru's height and Length.

source: One FC, ABS CBN Sport

Monday, March 20, 2017

Mt. Province's "Lang-ay Festival 2019": Everything You Need to Know

Photo Courtesy || Gov. Bonifacio Lacwasan

The people of Mountain province and the rest of Cordillera are anticipating this year's annual festival that highlights the rich cultural heritage and tradition of the different municipalities of the province. This is a yearly festival wherein each of the participating municipalities will have the chance to showcase their indigenous music, dance, costume and their traditional tools and symbols.

The event will also signify the unity among the many diverse tribes of Mountain province to come together for one purpose, to "Lang-ay".

1. What is Lang-ay? 

The word "Lang-ay" is a native term of the iBontoc which means coming together for sharing which could be anything, from food, happiness, friendship, wisdom, talents and resources. When someone invites you for a "Lang-ay", there is no excuse not to go for everyone has something to share.

2. When is Lang-ay festival 2019?

This year's Lang-ay Festival is the 15th and it will be celebrated from April 1st April 8th.

3. How do people of Mountain Province celebrate Lang-ay Festival?

The festival is participated by the 10 municipalities of Mt. Province which will gather together in Bontoc for numerous activities such as street-dancing parade and competitions, cultural presentations, musical events, sports, exhibits and many others. Please see attached photo for the lists of events.
Lang-ay Festival 2019 Calendar of Activities. Photo Courtesy || Gov. Bonifacio Lacwasan

4. Is the festival for just for locals or can anyone get involved. 

The festival is open for anyone and everyone, whether you are local or international tourists, you are very much welcome to watch and learn the culture of Mountain Province.

5. What is the best highlight of the festival that I should not miss?

Every event on the festival would definitely be a must watch for everybody. The street dancing and cultural presentations will get you the chance to see the native costume of the each of the 10 municipalities of Mt. Province. Also, don't miss the chance to watch the indigenous games such as "Khug uyod", Inet-etaan" and "Sangkhor". Please refer to the Lang-ay Calendar of Events.

6. Where to stay in Bontoc to watch the 14th Lang-ay Festival 2019?

Looking for an accommodation in Bontoc would never be a problem for visitors since the town offers great choices of accommodation. Navigating the town to look for hotel is relatively simple due to its size and you can do that on foot.

So, if you're planning to go on a trip for the Lang-ay Festival in Bontoc, then don't cancel it. Ready your backpack, cameras, phones and let's head to Mountain Province. You're almost guaranteed you'll have a lot of fun and you'll end up satisfied after your visit.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Areas near Baguio Convention Center believed to contain Yamashita Treasure

If you think Yamashita treasure hunting is gone and no one is interested about it, well, not yet. When talking about gold in Benguet not to mention of course about mining, Yamashita treasure is gold and they do still exist and they were just around the corner.

Thanks to Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita and his forces who looted valuable treasures in Southeast Asia and allegedly buried them in many parts of the Philippines.

This time a group of treasure hunters in Baguio City has said that there are certain areas near the Baguio Convention Center (BCC)that contain Yamashita treasures, this prompt the group to acquire permit from the city government to conduct treasure hunting in the area.

According to the group representative Eliseo Cabusao, a 90-year-old US immigrants with a Japanese descent had told him that he had helped bury a truckloads of gold near the BCC during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines.

To have an extra money for the government, the city council had allowed the treasure hunter to conduct drilling exploration on six different spots of the BCC for two days. If it is positive, excavation and retrieval will be followed but with the close monitoring of city government personnel.

If the treasure is found, whatever it is, maybe a bullion of gold of silver, the national government will take its 35% share, local government will take 35% and the rest will be for the treasure hunters, reports Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Photo: Baguio Convention Center via Google Street View

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Let's support our Cordilleran candidates who will join BFP Miss National Fire Olympics 2017

Cordillera - The Bureau of Fire Protection-Cordillera in its Facebook Page is asking the people of Cordillera to join the Online Voting in support for the three candidates who will represent the region for the MISS NATIONAL FIRE OLYMPICS 2017.

The online voting has started on March 11 and will end on March 17 (Friday) at 12 noon.

In order to participate, just got to BFP Miss National Fire Olympics 2017 Facebook Page and look for the name of Miss Olivia Lambayong who represent BFP Cordillera, Miss Jenalyn Rodas who will represent Industrial Cordillera and Miss Zeny Rose Gorospe for Barangay Cordillera.

Just Like and Share the Photo of each candidate. One like is equivalent to 1 point while one share is equivalent to 3 points.

Links of each candidates are embedded below from Facebook. Just click on the photo then hit Like and Share.


Saturday, March 11, 2017

WATCH: Joshua Pacio from Benguet comes out victorious in One Warrior Kingdom

It's a grueling, an intense and a non-stop action between Filipino mixed martial artist Joshua Pacio against former world champion Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke in the ONE: WARRIOR KINGDOM in Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand.

Joshua Pacio from La-Trinidad, Benguet who trained under Lakay La Trinidad Gym scored a massive split decision win against the Thai Champion on March 11.

Pacio has shown his tremendous skills in two rounds via takedowns and well-executed ground and pound leading the Thai champion looked uncapable of taking a good win.

Pacio's impressive victory has made him improve his record to 9-1 and a possible title rematch againts current ONE Strawweight Champion Yoshitaka "Nobita" Naito who defeated him in their previous bouts.

Joshua Pacio was the only lone Filipino fighter who took home victory after three of his countrymen bowed down to their respective opponents.

Watch the highlight of the fight below.

Video/Photo Credit: One Championship

Monday, March 6, 2017

Top 3 of PMA Class of 2017 is a proud Cordilleran from Buguias, Benguet

PMA FB page

Cordillera - Cadet First Class Eda Gliss Buansi Marapao of Baguio City is the top 3 of PMA Class "Salaknib" 2017, the only Cordilleran who made it to the top 10 in the graduating class of the Philippine Military Academy.

Marapaom is also among the 8 women in the top 10 graduates of the PMA Salaknib (Sanggalang at Lakas at Bukay Para sa Kalayaan ng Inang Bayan.) led by female valedictorian, Rovi Mairel Valino Martinez of Cabanatuan City.

Marapaom is a proud Cordilleran who came from Buguias, Benguet and residing in La Trinidad. She had studied Civil Engineering course before entering the Academy as she was encouraged by her father who was a retired Army.

She thanked all those who had extended support and help in her studies especially her parents retired Army  Edgar Marapao and Helen Marapao.

The Top 10 graduates of PMA Class 2017 are as follows.

1. Rovi Mairel Valino Martinez, Cabanatuan City
2. Philippine Modesto Viscaya, Ligao City, Albay
3. Eda Glis Marapao, Baguio City
4. Cathleen Jovie Santiano Baybayan, San Fernando, Pampanga
5. Carlo Emmanuel Manalasan, Canlas, Pampanga
6. Shiela Joy Ramiro Jallorina, Balabag, Nueva Viscaya
7.Sheil Marie Calonge De Guzman, Manaoag, Pangasinan
8. Joyzy Mencias Funchia, Butuan City
9. Resie Jezreel Arrocena Hucalla, Compostella, Valley
10. Catherine Mae Emeterio Gonzales, Zamboanga City


Friday, March 3, 2017

Rotary Club Baguio to conduct Free Medical Mission on March 4

Rotary Club Baguio FB page
The Rotary Club of Baguio will be conducting a free medical mission on March 4 starting at 9 AM to 4  PM at the Baguio City Hall Grounds. 

According to the information posted on RCB's Facebook page, there will be services and items to be given such as free medical consultation, OB GYNE consultation, dental services, minor surgery, eye check up and acupuncture. 

They will be also giving fee medicines and vitamins; free used clothing and eyeglasses frames. 

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