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Monday, April 3, 2023

Cordilleran Lieutenant is 1st Runner Up in National Obstacle Racing Course

Photo Courtesy || PNPA

Cordillera: Bontoc Mt. Province's Police Lieutenant Jem Henessy C. Fallong recently made history by placing in the National Women In Uniform Obstacle Course Racing, a competition participated by various branches of uniformed services. With her excellent physical conditioning and indomitable will, honed from her training at SAFCC and academy days at PNPA, Fallong was able to finish strong.

This achievement is not only a personal glory but also a historic first for the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) - Justice, Integrity, Service, as no other graduate has ever achieved this kind of recognition in this competition. It is a testament to the quality of officers that the PNPA is producing to serve and protect the Filipino people.

Fallong's achievement is a reminder that with hard work, discipline, and determination, anyone can achieve their goals. Her dedication to her training and her unwavering spirit are an inspiration to all those who aspire to serve in the uniformed services. She has shown that anything is possible with perseverance and commitment. Her success is a shining example of what can be achieved when one puts their mind to it.


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