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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Cordilleran Metal Artist from Ifugao creates metal artworks from discarded materials

Photo Courtesy || Kelvi Galap

Cordillera - An innovative welder and metal artist named Kelvi Galap from Lagawe, Ifugao has captured the attention of locals and online audiences alike when he proved that creativity and patience can turn discarded items into lucrative art. 

Galap has masterfully transformed scraps and broken steel parts into an array of sculptures, designs, drawings, displays, and toys.

Galap's journey into the world of artistic metalwork began casually when he crafted a "budget size motorcycle" from discarded materials, inspired by a similar creation he had seen online. 

"I just saw on FB a motorcycle made from scrap that was uploaded by foreigners, then I made one too, then some people appreciated it when I posted it, so I made one more," he said.

The positive response from netizens sparked his interest, leading him to create more pieces. As interest grew, Galap decided to turn his passion into a business venture, focusing on producing unique and intricate metal sculptures.

His creations, ranging from intricate sculptures to smaller items, have been exhibited in various locations and have garnered significant attention online. Galap's artworks are not only visually appealing but also environmentally friendly, demonstrating the potential of repurposing discarded materials.

On his Facebook page, potential buyers can explore a wide range of Galap's creations, each telling a unique story and reflecting his dedication to his craft. 

The prices of his metal sculptures vary based on design and size, with pieces available from ₱200 to ₱50,000. Galap's smaller creations, priced at ₱200 to ₱600, have gained popularity in the local market, particularly in Baguio city.

For art enthusiasts and those interested in supporting Galap's work, his Facebook page serves as a platform to view and purchase his metal artworks.


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