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Monday, June 6, 2022

Honest Igorot kid from Benguet returns lost smartphone to owner

Photo Courtesy || BCPO Tourist Police

Cordillera - A kid from Buguias, Benguet has been praised for his honesty after returning a lost phone to the owner. 

The honest kid, Khurt Oloan, found the smartphone Samsung A50 at Burnham park and immediately turned it over to the tourist police who was roving the area. 

The phone which was later turned over to Lizel Damasco, the owner of the said phone who visited Baguio from Bukidnon.

Netizens in the online community were quick to appreciate the simple act of honesty of Mr. Oloan.

"A character that is to be valued and practiced by new generations now. Salute to you balong. God bless you," Sheryll said.

"Wow, so proud for you balong, Kudos to you and to you family. A lot of blessings shall be showered upon you. God bless and stay safe," another netizens commented.

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Many also commended the parents of the kid who raise him to be honest. 

"Jan natin makikita na may naituro sa kanya ang kanyang mga magulang, I'm proud of u kid, and also to ur parents who teach u to become an honest son/person. Sana hindi yan mawawala sayo hanggang sa pagtanda mo, keep safe and God Bless u," Dhan said.


Monday, July 19, 2021

11-year-old honest kid from Ifugao returns Php102,000 cash he found

Photo Courtesy || DepEd Ifugao

Cordillera - A five grader young student from Ifugao has returned a lost big amount of money to the rightful owner.

11-year-old Denard B. Uy-uyon, a learner of Panutbtuban Elementary School, Asipulo District in Ifugao immediately turned over a big cash in the amount of P102,450 to his teachers when he found it.

The teachers then contacted the rightful owner of to return the money. 

Meanwhile, netizens have expressed their admiration to Denard's simple act of honesty for returning something he doesn't own.

He could have kept the money and used it to buy things he wanted but he decided to turned over to his teachers to be given to the rightful owner. 

Denard's had been taught very well by his parents, relatives and teachers the value of honesty.

A netizen commented, " Every person should follow the honesty of this kid. He is very young but very honest. Unlike others, instead of working hard, they steal. That's why their kids become thieves."

"Wow good news!, That's an admirable kid. Rare are the kids who are honest nowadays. Good bless you a thousand folds," one netizen commented.

Indeed, Denard is one of the many Cordilleran kid who exemplify the Igorot culture of "Inayan". 

The "Inayan" culture among the Igorots signifies the fear to the Supreme Being. 

It helps prevent a person from doing things that are unpleasant and not good like consuming and owning something that does not belong to you.

Mabuhay ka Denard.


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