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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Miners from Mankayan, Benguet deliver aid to Taal eruption victims

Photo Courtesy || Ohlpie Daniel
 Cordillera - Expressing compassion and solidarity for the victims of the Taal Volcano eruption, pocket miners from Mankayan, Benguet have extended assistance through delivering vegetables and other goods. 

In a post from Facebook user Ohlpie Daniel, trucks full of goods coming from the Association of Pocket Miners of Mankayan are being delivered to the victims of Taal volcano eruptions.

Miners from the municipality are inherently kind and generous to other people who are in need of help during difficult times. 

Although they earn little revenue from small-scale mines due to the temporary ban by government agencies, pocket miners were able to organize and provide assistance they can give to those in need. 

Photo Courtesy || Ohlpie Daniel

Batangas was declared under state of calamity on January 13, a day after the Taal Volcano erupted. 

Many residents were displaced due to the eruptions and they are needing assistance such as food, clothing, medicines and many more. 


Sunday, January 19, 2020

Batangas province thanked Cordilleran farmers for donating truckload of vegetables to Taal evacuees

Cordillera - A post from social media Facebook last week has created a huge buzz of good reactions among the netizens regarding Benguet farmers who donated truckloads of vegetables to the distress evacuees of the Taal eruption.

The Facebook post from the La Trinidad Mps shows photos of police officers and some volunteers loading  thousands kilos of vegetables into big trucks that will later leave for Batangas.

The photos has gone viral on social media with over 14,000 shares and 3.5,000 comments as of this writing. It has also been reported by some media outlets.

The provincial government of Batangas thanked the farmers for  their generous act of donating truckloads of vegetables to those affected by the eruption.

"Sa mga minamahal naming Benguet farmers, malaking tulong ang donasyon ninyong gulay. Maraming salamat. Mabuhay po kayo.

Meanwhile, netizens' hearts melted for this generous act and compassionate deed by the farmers to the affected residents of Batangas. 

Many netizens wrote messages of appreciation to farmers and also thanked them for their kindness. 

"God will sustain everything you need, to our dearest farmers, you have such a wonderful and generous hears for the needy. God bless Benguet farmers and everyone who has been part of this program.. Matago tago tako amin," netizen commented. 

"Adorable kayong mga farmers and we are proud of you. You are kind hearted, loving and generous. You are really a children of God. Mabuhay kayo and I have believe God will take care of you," another citizen wrote.


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Mt. Pulag Community in Benguet delivers vegetables, water, clothes to Taal evacuees

Photo Courtesy || Catherine Odanos
Cordillera - In order to help thousands of evacuees affected by the Taal volcano eruption in Batangas province, many Filipinos across the country  united to help as much as they can. 

The recent eruption of the Taal volcano  displaced many residents away from their homes and are now living in government-designated evacuation centers. 

Their homes and farms have been dumped with thick volcanic ash - fine particles of glass and rock fragments, turning them into a wasteland. 

Despite the immeasurable damage and insurmountable hardship brought by this tragic natural disaster,  Taal volcano victims didn't lost hope because help from their fellow Filipinos are pouring out from every corner of the country. 

The spirit of 'pakikipagkapwatao' and 'Bayanihan' is evident to every Filipinos so they have extended all the help they can give to their countrymen. 

Just like this group of farmers around Mt. Pulag in Kabayan, Benguet, who have decided to donate their vegetable harvest such as potatoes, chayote and Chinese cabbage to Taal evacuees. 

Another group of farmers are also gathering canned goods, bottled water, medicine and clothes to be delivered to the victims. 

A photo post on Facebook  by farmer Catherine Odanos shows volunteers organizing and packing the first batch of goods that will be delivered to Batangas. 

According to Odanos, a 2nd batch of donations will be delivered on January 24.

Earlier, Benguet farmers dispatched tons of vegetables to Batangas from La-Trinidad, Benguet.

Generous farmers of Benguet continue donating tons of vegetables to the victims of Taal Volcano

Photo Courtesy || La Trinidad Mps
Cordillera - Farmers in Cordillera continued delivering tons of vegetables to the victims of the recent Taal Volcano eruptions.

Although they suffered from huge losses due low price of vegetables and not getting enough money from being a farmer, they didn't hesitate to donate some of their produce.

Last January, the La Trinidad Mps Facebook page shows tons of assorted vegetables are being loaded into trucks which later on be dispatched to the hard hit town of Batangas.

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A short message thanking the farmers of Benguet was posted on their social media page. 
"Gulay para sa mga Kapatid na Taga - Batangas. Salamat sa mga magsasaka dito sa Benguet. Ang inyong mga donasyong Gulay ay makaka-abot sa Batangas. Ang mga busilak niyong puso para tumulong sa mga biktima ng Ash Fall ni bulkang Taal. Alam namin na mahirap magtanim ng gulay at tamaan pa ng mababang presyo pero di kayo nagdalawang isip magbigay."

Benguet farmers are already reeling the effect of the low price of vegetables due to oversupply and lack of demand after the long holiday season. 
Photo Courtesy || La Trinidad Mps
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On Wednesday, Benguet Governor Melchor Diclas met with Mayor Isko Moreno to allow Benguet farmers and traders to bring their produce to Divisoria or lose millions of pesos if vegetables are not disposed.

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