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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Baguio makeup artist creates incredible illusion painting on her face.

Photo Courtesy || Goldie Yabes
Cordillera - A Baguio makeup artist is getting traction on social media after creating an incredible face makeup illusion. 

21-year old Goldie Geanne Allawan Yabes specializes in painting on canvas but she used her face as canvas instead. 

Photo Courtesy || Goldie Yabes
Just recently, Yabes created a camouflage face painting that blends with the fields, mountains and skies of Dampre, Floridablanca in Pampanga.

On her Youtube channel, she documented the step by step process on how she did the camouflage face painting illusion.

Photo Courtesy || Goldie Yabes
"To started with this look, I used white poster paints for the outline. Next I mixed color white and blue to the match the color of the sky. The I painted green for the trees and mountain which has a darker color. And I also used color yellow paint for the fields," Yabes explained. 

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"Para mas madaling magmix ang color since mag aad nalang tayo ng green and white for the details, I used three layers of color yellow and green dito sa neck area since hindi gaano pigmented yung color ng yellow. I also used a little white para magpop yung pagkayellowish," she added.

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Yabes received praise from social media users as she shared photos of her creative camouflage illusion last week. 

Watch her face transformation below:


Monday, June 24, 2019

Igorot folklore in a comic book launched by Cordillera artists

Staff of Gripo, comic books publisher in Baguio
Photo courtesy: K.V. Damian
Cordillera- Igorot mythological creatures "Pinading", "Gatui" and "Lampong" are now making a scene as stars in a comic book, Gayang  launched last Saturday.

A group  of Senior High School students studied and discovered stories about Igorot mythological creatures in the high lands of Cordillera. This inspired the making of Gayang that includes some of the artworks of the students, Gerald Asbucan, the creator of Gripo comics brand, said. 

Gatui of Ifugao is one among the favorite characters. Gatui is believed to feast on the souls of people most specially unborn children. It has a slight resemblance of the well known  "manananggal".

Likewise, Pinading is another Tuwali Ifugao creature. It is believed to be a spirit wearing a yellow hair that looks like a European fairy.

Lampong on the other hand, is like a dwarf  and known to be the protector of nature.

A selection of comic books published by Gripo.
Photo courtesy: K.V. Damian
The group wants to share the Igorot culture through these untold legends, Asbucan said.

"We barely scratched the surface of the Igorot folklore so we will put more effort into research to be able to feature more highland myths," he added.

In six months time, the next Gayang series will be out.

Source ||


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