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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Who is the Funny Green Soldier of Baguio City

Photo Courtesy || & Tito Noel Official

Cordillera - You've probably seen this guy on the internet or seen him performing along Session Road making everybody smile and granting people's wish for a selfie. 

He is Jhonwel Reyes, a street performer who goes by the name 'Green Soldier' of Baguio City. 

But how exactly Jhonwel Reyes became so popular that his performance has become a hit among tourists visiting Baguio?

It all started way back in 2014, when he decided to relocate from Valenzuela City to Baguio where he started his mime performance. 

People began to love him with his Green Soldier costumes while posing cute and playing antics with his audience.

Video-sharing platform TikTok has played a major role on his popularity as many users enjoy watching and sharing his videos. 

Reyes never thought that he would become famous on social media. His only aim is to make people happy.

He admitted that his income as a street performer is enough to sustain the financial needs of his family.

Reyes used to be a construction worker, janitor, factory worker, pedicab driver and service crew. 

"Nagkaroon ng maraming trabaho at iba't ibang mapapasukan, na nagbago ang buhay hanggang sa narating ko na nga po itong pagiging mime dito sa Baguio City," said Reyes.

He also admitted that being a street performer is not an easy job. If people like him, they will give tips.

"Dito sa pagma-mime, hindi naman lahat ay gusto ako. Hindi lahat ay okey", he shared. 

For Reyes, the ups and downs of being a street performer has taught him a lesson to become stronger and get closer to God. 

"Patuloy po tayong gumawa ng kabutihan sa ating kapwa para mas lalo po tayong gabayan ng ating Ama," Reyes said. 



Anonymous said...

True. If people like him, they will give him tips. However, his small success has taught this greenman arrogance, shrewdness and greed. Most of the time on his street shows, he directly and indirectly "robs" his audience or forces them to give him huge tips. Otherwise, they'll surely get humiliated like calling them "kuripot", ""bwisit ka" and the likes, thru his faggot-like screamings. To my mind, this greenman is turning out to be a big disgrace!!!! My 2-cents.

Anonymous said...

funny ba yan corny kaya nyan pinahype lang ng mga walang magawang vlogger na di sikat yan kaya nakilala pero nung nakilala kala mo kung cno na ngaun ano na ngyari dinadaan daanan na lang ysya

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