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Monday, November 16, 2020

Mankayan, Benguet - Your Paragliding Destination in Cordillera

Photo Courtesy || Mankayan Tourism

Latest Update: The Mankayan local government and the team of experts from Northside Paragliding Philippines had announced the formal launching of the first paragliding activities in Benguet in the coming month of March 2021.

Cordillera - The Municipality of Mankayan in the province of Benguet could soon open up a paragliding site after paragliding experts from Nueva Viscaya visited the town last week. 

Chairman of Northside Paragliding Philippines sir Aristotle and his wife conducted an initial assessment to the town and proposed to build a paragliding site, according to Mayor Frenzel Ayong who invited the couple to visit the town. 

The proposed paragliding activities in Mankayan is seen to boost the tourism industry of the town which was greatly affected by the pandemic.

"We have to work with possible partnerships to speed up recovery efforts from the prevailing health pandemic. We have to be bullish in maximizing the tourism potentials of the municipality," Ayong said in a statement via the Manila Times

According to Ayong, the municipality has been active in partnering with industry experts that can help in speeding up the recovery of the town.

Paragliding is a recreational and adventure sport where paragliders sits in a harness attached to a lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft or parachutes. 

Paragliders start on the ground with their parachutes already deployed, and the power of the wind will take them up into the sky. 



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