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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Igorot pilot is TOP 1 in Military Pilot Training of the Philippine Air Force (PAF)

Photo Courtesy || Visaya
Cordillera - A proud Cordilleran from Pinukpuk, Kalinga has received the Philippine Air Force (PAF) Commanding General's Medal Awardee (MPT Class 2020 TOP 1) of this year's graduating class. 

2LT Leonardo G Visaya Jr. PAF PAFOCS CL 2017 has obtained the award for having the highest overall rating in the conduct of the Military Pilot Training in the PAF Flying School. 

2LT Visaya used to be a Math teacher at the Department of Education (DepEd) and transitioned to become a pilot of the Philippine Air Force.

"I was a high school Math teacher before my unplanned entry to the military service. A good Math teacher loved by his students. In all honesty it never came to me the idea of leaving my beloved profession for the life of soldiery," Visaya said.

It was his batch mate in the PNPA who encouraged him to enter the uniformed service through the Officer Candidate Course in the Philippine Air Force. 

He was hesitant at first but he later took several exams that led him to join the Philippine Air Force Flying School in March 2019.

"My military journey is an unexpected turn of events, unplanned and not in the schedule. I never dreamed to be a soldier, moreso to become a military pilot. However, God really works in mysterious ways and it was His ultimate plan to transform the simple Math Teacher into a Military Aviator" Visaya wrote.

Photo Courtesy || 2LT Leonardo Visaya Jr
The Philippine Air Force Flying School is the "Air Force Academy of the Philippines". Located at the pine-tree cladded Fernando Air Base in Lipa City Batangas province. It is also the home of the 100th Training Wing, the unit responsible in training all future Philippine Air Force personnel, officers and enlisted men alike.

Unlike the PMA, the PAFFS is composed of two types of student body. The student/officers and the Corps of Aviation Cadets. All "top gun" dreamers.



Jha said...

Indeed an admiring story😇❤️

Unknown said...

We're so proud of brother..❤️❤️

Unknown said...

Amen! GOD has a plan to each and every one of us..Jeremiah 29:11..

Elmer A. Domingo said...

Here are a few corrections in the last 2 paragraphs.
A. There is no more 100th Training Wing. The command is now called Aie Education, Training and Doctrines Command ( AETDC).
B. The PAFFS Aviation Cadet training program is no longer conducted. The student pilits of the school are all officers who graduated from PMA and PAF Officer Candidate School (PAFOCS)
The last batch of Aviation Cadets belong to batch 2001.
(I belong to PAFFS Aviation Cadet Class 85A. I am from Guinzadan, Bauko, Mountain Province.... a proud Cordilleran..... Igorot... Kankanaey)

Elmer A. Domingo said...

Correction: Air (not Aie) Education, Training and Doctrines Command (AETDC)

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