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Monday, December 30, 2019

Benguet cops celebrate Christmas by helping vegetable farmer harvest crops

Photo Courtesy || Benguet Provincial Mobile Force Company
Cordillera - Celebrating Christmas should not always be the accustomed way of going for caroling, partying and giving gifts. 

These good police officers from Benguet celebrates Christmas in a very special way by going to farm and help the farmers harvest their crops. 

In a Facebook post by Benguet Provincial Mobile Force Company, a group of police officers is seen in a carrot farm carrying loads of carrots and transporting them to a truck.

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The post said, "Be a blessing this Christmas, in a rather special way. Because we came upon the time to gather.."

Photo Courtesy || Benguet Provincial Mobile Force Company
Imagine how happy the farmers felt when they saw many Santa Clauses landed on their farm and granted their wish that their carrots would be harvested on time to catch up with the good price of carrot at the trading post.

Of course, many netizens were amazed of the good deeds these cops were shown to the farmers. 

"Nice to have a helpful and kind-hearted police officers.. snap salute to all of you. May your tribe increase," one netizen shared.

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Indeed, Police officers always continue to make positive impact in the community from keeping the residents safe to small acts of service. 

The good deed of these PNP officers are worth to be commended and recognized. They go above and beyond their duties to become real-life superheroes for the community. 

Kudos to these policemen of Benguet. 

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Unknown said...

Wow God love you mga PNP of Benguet...Saludo kami sa inyo. "Doing good deeds will come back to you a hundred times. As it said in the Word God blesses the givers...Not only in money but in everything. Your service, your time is so worthwhile. God bless you a hundredfolds.

Unknown said...

Such goodness among cops is a repetition of policemen kindness I experience when I was young. Policemen came to rescue as in carrying our vegetables from the farm to the vegetable truck bound to trading post market.

Februaw Botangen said...

May God provide more blessings to these police officers.Indeed,Cordilleran cops are one of the best!!

Anonymous said...

Eto dapat ang binabalita de yung mga fake news

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