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Monday, January 10, 2022

Young Baguio boys create chips made from 'talbos ng sayote'

Cordillera - An adult in the kitchen is nothing new. Men in the kitchen can be quite surprising. But what about boys? 

Situated in the City of Pines, a group of boys started their own business called Homeboyz. Their experience in business is undoubtedly lacking but they don't plan to stop.

"What's cook'n?" you might ask. Well, these boys learned to miraculously formulate chips made from sayote tops grown from Baguio.  For now, they're working in their friend's kitchen with just the mother's kitchen tools. 

We may all agree that sayote is the most evident vegetable in Baguio. You could see its vines crawling up the electric wires or flooding an entire lot. You may ask why, that's because Sayote vegetable is easy to cultivate. Just leave the vegetable anywhere and watch it grow from itself. 

Because of this, the Homeboyz came up with an idea to help consume more of these vegetables in a faster rate thus possibly clearing out the overgrowing vegetable in Baguio.

What might be the reason behind this? This group of boys is just as ordinary as you are. The pandemic affected them and their families negatively. With this product, they're now aiming to help themselves and their families and might even extend to others who need a helping hand. 

You can reach them on their own Facebook page Homeboyz.


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