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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Given Mendoza: The Youngest Cordilleran CEO at Age 13.

Cordillera - A 13-year old lady entrepreneur in Baguio city takes her business to the next level. Starting from  being an ukay-ukay vendor to KPOP album online seller and now managing her own Milk Tea and Kpop Merchandise business. 

She is Given Mendoza, who now owns her dream shop "G's Kpop Kilig" located at Porta Vaga. 

Given is a serial entrepreneur who started her first official business at age 10 buying and selling "ukay ukay" here in Baguio City before starting G's Kpop Kilig at age 12. Given is the "G" in G's Kpop Kilig, which is a Milk Tea & Kpop Merchandise business. 

"My first business was selling ukay-ukay with my cousin. It was an idea we had, because night market and ukay-ukay are very popular here in Baguio," said Given.

She grew G's Kpop Kilig from ₱500 to ₱50,000 in merchandise in 2022, primarily through the Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, and Twitter to grow a local audience in Baguio City. 

"When I became an Army (BTS fan) I started to buy KPOP albums in 2021. I realized that prices for albums varied greatly and there wasn’t a good, single place to buy albums. I started selling KPOP albums to other people in Baguio through Facebook Marketplace. I decided to expand my business using the profits I had earned from selling albums, and also any additional money I had saved," she added.

This August, she launched her first real store, G’s Kpop Kilig in Porta Vaga. She was the one who designed the original logo and also personally picked the store design, brand colors, and interviewing of staff. 

Her original business is selling KPOP merchandise but since the market of Kpop can be on and off, she had the idea to also sell milk tea which is really popular with KPOP and KDRAMA fans.

Asked about her plans in the future, she hope to be able to expand her business and maybe even franchise it.



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