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Monday, June 20, 2022

Pedro Bangguiac: the 102 year-old Kalinga warrior who fought with US soldiers against Japanese invaders

Cordillera - Meet Lolo Pedro Bangguiac from the Lubo tribe of Kalinga province. He was among the Kalinga warrior who was part of the "bolo men" who fought with the American soldiers in repealing the Japanese invaders during World War 2.

TV journalist Sandra Aguinaldo of GMA traveled to Kalinga to interview Lolo Bangguiac about the tattoo on his body. 

The102 year-old Bangguiac revealed the tattoo on his body is an indication of being a warrior that fought for his tribe in his younger years.

According to Natividad Sugguiyao, Former Chief NCIP Kalinga, the tattoo also called batok is being practiced by Kalinga menfolk where in they only get this if they have killed somebody to defend their tribe or ancestral domain.



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