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Monday, July 27, 2020

Cabbage and cucumber could help fight COVID-19, study finds

Cabbage & Cucumber in the fight against Covid-19
Cordillera - The Cordillera region could be the source of these beneficial vegetable that could aid in the fight against coronavirus.
A new study from  France have suggested that consuming cabbage and cucumber is beneficial against the coronavirus by reducing the levels of a compound that cause the virus to infect the body, according to report by the South China Morning Post and the New York Post. 

The study have found out that cabbage, whether raw, pickled in sauerkraut or mixed into coleslaw and Korea's top delicacy kimchi could help people increase their body resistance to the virus. 

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The researchers from Europe said in a report that the antioxidant which is abundant in the said vegetables could play a factor why countries like Germany and South Korea had a lower fatality rates compared to hard-hit countries like America. 

However the researchers pointed out that the results of the study could have been affected by uncertainties in some countries, but it was the "first attempt to link death rates with food consumption. 

"Nutrition should not be overlooked" as a factor behind Covid-19 deaths, said Jen Bousquet, former chairman of the WHO Global Alliance against Chronic Respiratory Diseases. 
"Little attention has been given to the spread and severity of the virus, and regional differences in diet, but diet changes may be a great benefit. Nutrition may play a role in the immune defense against Covid-19 and may explain some of the differences seen in Covid-19 across Europe. I have now changed my diet, and it includes raw cabbage three times a week, sauerkraut once a week, and picked vegetables," he said. 

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"Understanding these differences, and protective factors, like diet, but many others too, is of paramount importance, and may eventually help to control these epidemics," Bosquet added.



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