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Thursday, November 2, 2023

Honest man returns large sum of money dispensed from Landbank ATM

Photo Courtesy || Magangat Paga

A sincere individual hailing from Baguio City, by the name of Mr. Magangat Paga, is reaching out to anyone who might be the rightful owner of a substantial sum of money left unclaimed in a Landbank ATM at Post Office Baguio.

Mr. Paga's account suggests that the ATM user, possibly a mother, attempted a withdrawal at the Landbank ATM located near the Post Office. 

However, due to a technical issue, the ATM took long time to dispense the money, prompting the user to cancel the transaction and leave without their funds.

"Mother na naka uniform na nagwidraw sa Landbank ATM at Post Office at hindi nakaantay kase nag logged yung ATM machine, kinancel at umalis agad, lumabas na po nawidraw mo", Mr. Paga wrote on social media.

Rather than keeping the money for himself, Mr. Paga chose to take a different path. He promptly headed to the nearest Traffic Enforcement Unit to report the unattended cash, hoping the rightful owner will come to get them.

Mr. Paga clarified that he had been waiting in line to use the Landbank ATM and noticed that the previous user had inadvertently left their money behind in the machine.

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"Makapal po Yan mesdame. buti magisa ko lng sa Isang machine at nagtataka ako bakit my lumabas na resibo sa kabila at yun nga my Pera lumabas," Paga added.

Fully aware that he was not the rightful owner of the money, Paga conscientiously reported the cash to the appropriate authorities, shared the information on his Facebook page, and also sent a text to the Baguio Public Information Office, seeking assistance in locating the owner. 

Mr. Paga had the option to keep the money for himself and feign ignorance, but instead, he made the admirable choice to act ethically and return the funds.


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