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Monday, August 28, 2023

Igorot Entrepreneur Turns Unused Jeepney into Thriving Roadside Coffee Business - Torogi Kapi

Photo Courtesy || Torogi Kapi

Cordillera - In the heart of the pandemic's economic turmoil, Gideon Shakelegend [FB name], a determined Igorot entrepreneur, found a unique way to brew success from adversity. 

A former cake seller and affected by the pandemic lockdowns, Gideon spotted an old, unused jeepney tucked away in his partner's garage, and an innovative idea took root.

Setting up shop on the bustling Lamtang Road in La Trinidad, Benguet, Gideon transformed the vintage jeepney into a hub of aromatic delight, christening it "Torogi Kapi". 

As a brave Cordilleran, he embraced the challenges of the unknown, venturing into an uncharted path by serving fresh, brewed Benguet coffee to passersby - riders, tourists, and motorists alike.

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Admitting his initial hesitance, Gideon confessed he was anxious about how his coffee venture might be perceived. He pushed through the uncertainty, and to his astonishment, the first day saw a complete sell-out. 

Up until now, his coffee by the roadside is a hit among riders, vloggers and tourists.

Buoyed by this success, Gideon gained the courage to persist, positioning his vibrant yellow jeepney as the epicenter of a newfound coffee culture along the roadside.

Photo Courtesy || Torogi Kapi

Word spread like wildfire, with Torogi Kapi becoming a sensation in Benguet and beyond. 

Gideon's initiative marked the first of its kind in the region, bringing a novel concept to the coffee industry. As his customer base grew, so did his dreams. 

With diligent savings, he made the monumental decision to establish a permanent coffee shop, catering to loyal patrons seeking a cozy spot to savor his brew.


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