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Sunday, August 27, 2023

Banawe-Inspired Condominium - First Architectural Design in the Philippines

Photo Courtesy || Slater Young YT

Cordillera - Renowned Filipino architect Slater Young has unveiled a groundbreaking project that harmonizes modern architecture with the timeless beauty of nature. Inspired by the Banawe Rice Terraces of Ifugao province, Young's creation, "The Rise Monterrazas," is a testament to his vision of integrating natural landscapes into urban structures.

Young's YouTube introduction to the project reveals his deep admiration for the Banawe Rice Terraces, stating, "We got inspired by working with nature and the biggest inspiration with us would be how Filipinos work with nature in the past." The condominium, a striking embodiment of this ethos, artfully mimics the flowing tiers of the terraces, resembling a cascading mountain adorned with lush green fields.

Unlike conventional buildings, "The Rise Monterrazas" follows the contours of the mountain terrain on which it's erected, establishing its uniqueness as a one-of-a-kind condominium in the country. The project comprises 146 low-density, premium units and features a mall beneath, offering a view of the awe-inspiring structure.

Incorporating comprehensive design elements, Young ensures that "The Rise Monterrazas" prioritizes security, privacy, sustainability, and practicality. A sophisticated rainwater collection system and underground tanks have been integrated to irrigate each unit's miniature backyard garden through a pump system. This innovative approach champions environmental responsibility and community living.

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Architect Slater Young's creation is a testament to the power of inspiration drawn from heritage and nature, resulting in a marvel that bridges the gap between modernity and tradition. "The Rise Monterrazas" stands as an emblem of his commitment to creating spaces that honor the past while embracing the future.


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