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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

LOOK: MUP 2020 2nd Runner up Michelle Gumabao wears Paracelis-weave Igorot traditional dress

Photo Courtesy || Erjohn Dela Serna
Cordillera - Who's not in love and fascinated wearing traditional Cordilleran inspired clothing among winners of the recently concluded Miss Universe Philippines 2020? 

First-ever MUP 2020 Miss Rabiya Mateo wears a Kalinga-inspired head-cover and facemask and Miss Universe Philippines 3rd Runner-Up Miss Pauline Amelincks of Bohol also wears an Igorot-inspired ensemble. 

Photo Courtesy || Erjohn Dela Serna
And now added to the list is Miss Universe Philippines 2nd Runner Up Miss Michelle Theresa Gumabao who wears a Cordilleran-inspired traditional dress made of Paracelis weave and designed by Fashion Designer Erjohn Dela Serna. 

The traditional weaving of the Ga'dang community in Paracelis, Mt. Province involves an intricate beadwork that makes the garment unique from the others.

Weavers from the community takes a lot of time to produce one and the work is too tedious. For instance, a bakwat, or belt can take up to more than one week of weaving.

A school in the community called Paracelis School of Living Tradition was established to preserve and pass on the traditional Ga'dang cloth weaving and unleash the creativity of the youth while incorporating in them the values of hard work, patience, and love of culture.


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