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Monday, February 4, 2019

Authentic Kalinga-made products available for purchase during Kalinga Treasure Fair 2019

Photo Courtesy || Lifted from Tabuk Life FB
Cordillera - The Kalinga Treasures Fair 2019 has been formally opened yesterday with a ribbon cutting ceremony conducted by Kalinga Provincial Officials. The fair is part of the activities inline with the celebration of Kalinga's 3rd Bodong Festival which runs from 3rd - 17th February. 

According to Tabuk Life FB page, the Kalinga Treasures Fair will be opened from February 4 to 17, 2019. The event will feature a vast array of Kalinga products from processed foods, ethnic accessories, decorations, souvenir items, ornamental plants, furnitures and among others. 
Photo Courtesy || Lifted from Tabuk Life FB
Coffee lovers will also have a chance to buy the famous Kalinga Coffee. Kalinga is one of the country's main producers of coffee, especially the Robusta, Civet, and Arabica beans. 

Treasures Fair vendors are encouraging everyone to come visit the trade fair event and buy their products as this will help farmers and product producers financially. 

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Kalinga Governor Baac commended the local producers for their outstanding contribution in the economic development of the province considering that last year they were able to generate a total of P10.2 million. 
Photo Courtesy || Lifted from Tabuk Life FB
"We always say that because of you, we were able to uplift the socio-economic well-being of our province," Baac said to event organizer. 

"I hope that this year, you will surpass your collection last year, he added. 

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Department of Trade and Industry (DT) Assistant Regional Director (ARD) Grace Baluyan cited the Kalinga Treasures Fair as a benchmark for success among the provinces in the region considering that it is the only privately initiated fair being conducted in CAR through the Chamber of Kalinga Producers, Inc. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Icelandic-American vlogger Finn Snow amazed at Kalinga's Bodong Festival Parade 2018

Bodong Festival 2019 Parade || Photo Credit @ Tabuk Life
Cordillera - Philippine newest YouTube vlogger (video blogger) Finn Snow has released this week some of the videos he took and documented when he traveled in Northern Luzon particularly in Kalinga province. 

In his latest uploaded video entitled 'Real Life Head-Hunting Tribes Coming Together', he documented Kalinga's second Bodong Festival this year in the capital city of Tabuk. 

The Bodong Festival highlights several street dancing competition, grand street parade participated by different  municipalities and organizations. 

Armed with his camera, Finn Snow joined the parade while vlogging about the events and discussing what he learned about Kalinga's ancient head-hunting practice and 'bodong' which is the Kalinga's unique way of settling disputes between warring tribes. 

Snow learned that long time ago the people of Kalinga is "one of the most hostile, skillfull headhunters and tribal warriors in the whole Philippines.

Bodong Festival 2019 Parade || Photo Credit @ Tabuk Life

"There's not much places in the world that you can actually experienced the culture and the long long tradition of beautiful and brutal history of the Kalinga headhunters... But now they are having a festival bringing all together...", Snow said.

"Being a foreigner here knowing nothing about this place and experiencing for the very first time, getting and sucking all that information about this area Kalinga, it makes me 'goosebumps' because there's not much places on earth that you can find this kind of old tradition of warriors and fearsome people,'' he added.

Watch the Finn Snow vlog below.


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