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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Honest Farmer from Tublay gets unexpected reward from PRO-COR General

Photo Courtesy || PNP Cordillera

Cordillera - Do you remember the honest farmer Mr. Mando Alonzo from Tublay, who returned more than P133,000 lost cash he found last December? 

After knowing the plight of Mr. Alonzo's wife of having an unpaid hospital at the Benguet General Hospital (BeGH) worth P37,000, kind Brigadier General R'win Pagkalinawan of PRO-COR offered to pay the bill. 

Mr. Alonzo's wife was recently under gone gall bladder operation last June. His family has exhausted all means (savings, health insurance and donations from kind donors) to cover the hospital bill. He had to signed a promissory note in order for wife to be discharged from the hospital. 

Mr. Alonzo used to work as a jeepney driver but his job was stopped because of the restrictions during the ECQ. He now works as a farmer cultivating sayote and sell it to the market. 

Learning the story of his honesty despite struggling financially, PBGEN Pagkalinawan offered to pay the P37,740.00 unpaid hospital bill out from his own salary. 

On January 4, the Tublay MPS fetched Mr. Alonzo at their house and accompanied him to settle the bill at the BeGH.

According to PNP Cordillera, "Mr. Mando expressed his gratitude for the unexpected blessing as they have no means to come up with the amount to pay their hospital debt for now. He said he only did what was right and that financial difficulties are not a reason to keep what is not rightfully theirs."


Monday, December 28, 2020

Honest farmer returns lost bag full of cash despite needing money to pay for his wife's hospital bill

Photo Courtesy || Tublay Municipal Police Station

Cordillera - The Tublay Municipal Police Station commended an honest farmer in their municipality for returning a sling bag he found containing large amount of cash. 

Tublay farmer Mr. Mando B. Alonzo brought to the police station the said sling bag which contains Php133,800.75. 

According to Alonzo, he found the sling bag while passing through Sitio Sayatan, Bayaan Road in Tublay, Benguet. 

Alonzo said he was surprised to discover that it contained a large amount of cash. He also found IDs and a cellphone number whom he contacted and agreed to meet with the owner at the police station for the turning over of the bag. 

Mr. Alonzo and the owner Mr. Roger Santiago, 29 years old, resident of Poblacion, Bauko, Mt. Province met at the Police Station where the later showed proof of identity under PMSg Ronald Neil Bagta. 

Mr. Santiago claimed the bag and thanked Mr. Alonzo for his honesty and kindness. 


Honest Igorota vendor from La Trinidad returns 2.7 million cash to owner
The honesty of Mr. Alonzo is a testament to the Cordilleran culture of "Inayan" which prohibits anyone from consuming or taking anything that he/she does not own. 

Despite his family's recent financial struggle, he didn't hesitate to do what is right. He might have earnestly prayed  for grace just when his wife was discharged from BeGh and signed a promissory note to pay an amount of P37,000. His wife just had a gall bladder surgery then.  However, he was wise enough to discern what's right and acted right.

Amidst the crisis that this current pandemic has brought to farmers, Mr. Alonzo did not hesitate to return the bag he found by contacting the owner and reporting it to the Police, then later turned it over to the rightful owner. 

Let this simple act of honesty and kindness become an inspiration and encouragement to everyone amidst the hardship and struggles we face in this difficult times.


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