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Thursday, July 28, 2022

"Kindness and Generosity", Good Taste Restaurant shares meals for free

Photo Courtesy || Laarni Ilagan

Cordillera - A famous restaurant in Baguio City has gone viral on social media after giving free food to bystanders and passersby just after a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit Luzon on Wednesday morning. 

Good Taste Restaurant has shown act of kindness to random people by distributing packs of food for free to the public.

A photo shared by Laarni Ilagan on Facebook showed the Good Taste's staff handing food to people who are outside the restaurant.

"Kindness and Generosity. Amidst the panic and fear of aftershocks leaving some people stranded in the city, Good Taste Restaurant is currently giving free food to the public," Ilagan captioned the photo.

Ilagan said there was no announcement by the restaurant, they just give food to passersby since they are near the road.

Meanwhile, netizens commended the restaurant's display of kindness and generosity. 

"More blessings to your resto. The generosity of being kind hearted shows in times such this. Kudos Goodtaste!", one netizen wrote.

Another netizen wrote, "Good taste thank you so much for your warmth thoughts and generosity. Much more blessing to come you. God Bless," 


Saturday, July 23, 2022

Good Taste Restaurant introduces its first-ever robot server 'Bellabot'

Photo Courtesy || Good Taste Restaurant

Cordillera - A famous restaurant in Cordillera, the Good Taste Restaurant introduces its first-ever robot server in one of its branches in Baguio city.

The robot server called 'Bellabot' can bring customers order in their assigned table at ease and without delay. 

To be served by Bellabot, just order your favorite food and proceed to your assigned table, seat back and relax, wait for it to come and it deliver your order right beside your table. 

All you have to do is pick your food, and Bellabot will bid you farewell and attend to other orders. 

The robot is only available at Good Restaurant - Otek branch. 

Many diners were amused to see a robot serving their food for the very first time. 

Robot food server had become one of the trending idea of customer service being looked-out by restaurant owners in the country. 

This year, Dunkin Donuts had also introduced their very first robot server "Number 1". 

Bellabot and Number 1 are made by Pudo Robotics, an international high-tech enterprise dedicated to design, R&D, production, and sales of commercial service robots.

The latest delivery robot designed by Pudu, BellaBot inherits the outstanding characteristics of the previous generation, while being endowed with superior human-Robot interaction capabilities. Featuring an innovative bionic design language, cute modeling,multi-modal interaction and many other new functions, BellaBot provides users with an unprecedented food delivery robot experience.


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