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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Baguio improved bar of hiring workers lauded by Civil Service Commission

Baguio City Municipal Hall
Photo by WowCordillera
Baguio City-  The Civil Service Commission (CSC) awarded the city government certification for its improved services to clients by reforming its systems and procedures in hiring workers. Back then, the city government was originally accredited by the CSC using the old standards in 2013.

"The city governemnt met the Maturity Level 2 indicators under the enhanced Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence on Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM)," Atty.Marilyn Taldo, CSC-Cordillera Director, said on Monday.

The PRIME-HRM award is the CSC's institutionalized system of meritocracy where workers get hired according to merit and qualifications.

"By having this award, they are confidently able to keep pace with others, benefiting not only the agency but also give their service to the city and the people," she added.

Baguio is the first local government in the region and the 9th among the 133 agencies  recognized for its four core human resource initiatives. 

The four core Human resource (HR) areas include recruitment, selection and placement; learning and development; performance management system; and rewards and recognition.

Edith Dawaten, assistant city human resource officer, said the PRIME-HRM award authorizing the city to issue appointments of co-terminus employees and permanent employees go through the process of placement and recruitment.

"We take pride in the fact that employees hired by the city go through the process or flow of recruitment, promotion and replacement where the top applicant is generally hired, although the law recognizes the authority of the appointing power to choose among the top qualified applicants in  a position," Dawaten said on Wednesday.

All city personnel shall go through the   pre-employment examination, technical examination for those who are applying for a technical position, critical examination, and personality tests. Likewise, they go through a panel interview by the placement board of the city government consisting of representatives of the department involved, the city council, the employees' association, and the association of city executives.

Therefore, the notion that applicants must have a "backer" to be hired will no longer be an issue because there is a system that the city applies.

To cite an example, "We have a classic example where the employee, who is an outsider, was the one appointed to the position. That was true for that person because of his qualifications," Dawaten proved.

Source || PNA

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Cordilleran Daniel S. Balbin Jr., magna cum laude of Benguet State university brain picked

Daniel S. Balbin, Jr. Magna cum laude of the
94th commencement exercise at Benguet State University.
Photo courtesy: BSU FB
La Trinidad - Daniel S. Balbin, Jr., a Bachelor of Library and Information Science student, graduated as the magna cum laude on the 94th commencement exercise of Benguet State University in La Trinidad, Benguet  on 19 June.

Balbin, Jr. was born and raised in Loakan, Baguio City tracing his roots from Ifugao and Pangasinan.

With the hope to inspire the youth and fellow Cordillerans, WowCordillera interviewed Daniel to share  a piece of his mind on how he became who he is today.

Like any other students he also struggled his way to making it through college yet tried hard to balance his lifestyle and schedule. 

He chose not to join activities that wouldn't enhance any competencies  he will be needing in the future. He chose to spend his time wisely. 

While he struggled having a bad handwriting making him not want to take notes in class, he trained himself to listen and developed his listening skill instead. 

"Honestly, listening to your instructors and professors is the key," he said.

Asked about his study habits that made him excel in his academics, "read a lot and read ahead...I just don't want to waste my time sitting in the classroom without gaining anything. so make the best out of lecture and class activity.... In short, listen well, read a lot and know yourselves," he answered.

The brilliant librarian Balbin Jr., advocates for developing a good reading culture among every Filipinos. 

He  envisions  a mobile library by bringing reading materials to the community giving an easier access to everyone and hoping that every barangay and purok  have their reading centers if possible. 

He also encourages parents to buy their young children radiation-free reading materials instead of gadgets that might harm their health.

Being raised in a family of Jehovah's Witnesses, Balbin, Jr. grew up loving reading as he had an easy access to reading materials like the Awake and Watchtower publications. 

As he recalled, he already knew how to read  and write before being sent to school for formal education because he had these magazines and brochures to practice with.  

"It is also where I gained a lot of knowledge not just about Jehovah God but also about the world..We also learned values, manners and right conduct according to Bible's principles," he added.

"You might think it is so hard to have a lot of restriction, but I learned to understand that these are protections. My religious principles dragged me away from vices and bad associations. You see! There are a lot of perks of being a Witness," he shared further.

Asked about his message to fellow youths and students, "My advice is do not just achieve higher because you want a Latin honor or a recognition. Do well in your studies so that all of your parents and your own sacrifices would not be wasted. It is useless graduating as an honor student if you never learned along the journey or process. Remember that we all go to school to learn and to become a useful member of the community. We do not go to school just to earn award and recognition,"

"This is for everyone. Either you already finished studying, or you are planning to study, or you are still studying. Do not just make your education nostalgic and memorable with those diplomas, yearbooks or graduation pictures. Make them last by keeping what you have learned forever. keeping them in your heart and using them to make the world become better." were his words of encouragement.

Picking from the brain of a smart and wise fellow Cordilleran is indeed worth it. Let's give heed to his encouragement and words of wisdom and keep on living the essence life.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Igorot folklore in a comic book launched by Cordillera artists

Staff of Gripo, comic books publisher in Baguio
Photo courtesy: K.V. Damian
Cordillera- Igorot mythological creatures "Pinading", "Gatui" and "Lampong" are now making a scene as stars in a comic book, Gayang  launched last Saturday.

A group  of Senior High School students studied and discovered stories about Igorot mythological creatures in the high lands of Cordillera. This inspired the making of Gayang that includes some of the artworks of the students, Gerald Asbucan, the creator of Gripo comics brand, said. 

Gatui of Ifugao is one among the favorite characters. Gatui is believed to feast on the souls of people most specially unborn children. It has a slight resemblance of the well known  "manananggal".

Likewise, Pinading is another Tuwali Ifugao creature. It is believed to be a spirit wearing a yellow hair that looks like a European fairy.

Lampong on the other hand, is like a dwarf  and known to be the protector of nature.

A selection of comic books published by Gripo.
Photo courtesy: K.V. Damian
The group wants to share the Igorot culture through these untold legends, Asbucan said.

"We barely scratched the surface of the Igorot folklore so we will put more effort into research to be able to feature more highland myths," he added.

In six months time, the next Gayang series will be out.

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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Getting to know Igorot Roque Daligan Belino of "Idol Philippines"

Mt. Province- Roque Daligan Belino, a local talent of Besao and Tadian Mt. Province joins national singing competition in the local T.V. show, "Idol Philippines."
The 20-year old singer found his passion in music and the outpouring support from everyone especially his "kailyans" even those from abroad motivated him more to pursue his love in singing and join the national competition level.

The humble and young singer Belino was overwhelmed  to continually receive unexpected popularity when he joined Idol Philippines and personally witnessed the unending support that Igorots  generously offer to their fellows. It is indeed one of the traits that identify Igorots. 

"Giving support, be it in kind, physical and moral is like a normal thing to us Igorots. It is like a reflex because we do it automatically whenever we see fellow Igorots excelling in their respective fields," Belino said via an interview by the Mountain Province Provincial Information Office.

Belino lived in Mt. Province for seven years then relocated to Quezon, Isabela with his family. Even so, he  was still attached to his roots as he lived in a community with friends and relatives who were mostly from Mt. Province just the same. 

Growing up with a usual Igorot childhood, he was acculturated with the rich heritage and tradition like wearing the "wanes" by himself, playing and dancing with the beat of  "gangsa", and being raised with the moral values not to mention the principles of "lawa" and "inayan."

He discovered his passion for music earlier in his High School years while helping his fellow students play the bandoria. He then took Agricultural Engineering at Benguet State University in La Trinidad Benguet as a self-supporting student working as a miner.  

He shared that he eventually stopped attending college to work full time but if given the chance, he wants to finish a degree.  He is a miner by day and play few gigs at night in Baguio City until opportunity stepped in through the competition. 

According to Belino, he was inspired by the many Igorot talents he worked with and other musicians he saw playing around Baguio. 

Witnessing such potentials and being a fan of many talented people from Cordillera, he also hopes that more of them will be discovered and be featured as well.

Belino wishes to extend his gratitude for the full support that he receives from everyone. He also encourage the youth to continue working hard and not give up in pursuing their dreams till making it a reality.

Source || BBKM- MPPIO FB

Watch Belino's message here below:


Friday, June 21, 2019

Jerry Olsim and Dave Banguigui victorious in ONE warrior series 6 in Singapore

Cordillera-  Igorot fighters Jerry "Bokodian Warior"  Olsim and Dave "Kintas" Banguigui were both victorious in the same card on the One Championship: ONE warrior series 6 held in Singapore recently.
Jerry "The Bokodian" Olsim
Photo Courtesy: Team Lakay FB
Team Lakay fighter, Jerry Olsim's  penultimate fight of the night was a much more attrition affair as he came out on top winning by unanimous decision against Myeong Gu Kim.

The fighter from Bokod, Benguet Olsim  is anticipating for a possible contract with ONE Championship, Asia's largest mixed martial arts promotions after overcoming featherweight prospect Myeong Gu Kim.
Dave "Kinsay" Banguigui
Photo Courtesy: Team Lakay FB
Meanwhile, Enlist Dave Banguigui  of Mt. Province stopped his  Indian opponent Susovan Ghosh in the second round as he made his One Warrior  Series debut.

Source || bleacherreport

Watch their fight here below:
Video courtesy || ONE Championship


Saturday, June 15, 2019

Arts exhibit for Cordillera athlete heroes to open on 16 June

Gladys Labsan's "Portrait: Heroes and Legends"
in the Baguio Museum arts exhibit
Photo courtesy:  Pigeon M. Lobien via PNA
Baguio City- Baguio Museum arts exhibit will include 27 Cordilleran athletes in the continuous celebration of heroism during the 121st Philippine Independence Day that commenced last Wednesday. 

Acclaimed artist Gladys Laciste-Labsan will feature the modern-day heroes of Cordillera who represented the country in international competitions on the "Portrait: Heroes and Legends". The exhibit will be on 16 June to 7 July. 

Jeordan Dominguez, the first Filipino to win a medal in the World Taekwondo Grandprix together with Divine Walley, former world wushu sanda champion will lead all active and retired athletes in the event that also serves as a tribute to the late  Narciso Padilla.

Padilla was a camp director of  "Gintong Alay", a sports training program in the 70's and 80's producing some of the country's iconic athletes. Such athletes include Lydia de Vega, Guido del Prado, Elma Muros, swimmer and former Philippine Sports Commission chair Eric Buhain, Mountain Province native Hector Begao, and javelin thrower Erlinda Lavandia.

Renowned sportsman Padilla passed away at 87 due to cardiac arrest last March. Before his passing he staged the TALA and Kafagway/Kordillera International Sports Luminary Achievement Podium in December last year. This is the completion of his 46 years "Silahis ng Pasko" program which lasted for a month.

Among the heroes who will be receiving the honors on Sunday's  "Portrait" are Wushu Taolu's Daniel Paantac, Thornton Sayan, James Inso, retired wushu players Karizha Chan and Natasha Laxama. 

Former wushu player Marianne Mariano, one of the first locals to win an Olympic bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Games and former world champion Ken Omengan are also one of the honorees.

Likewise, the exhibit will  recognize the wushu sanda roots of top mixed martial arts including Mark Sangiao, Edward Folayang, Geje Eustaquio, Kevin Belingon, Stephen Loman, Joshua Pacio and Danny Kingad.

Other honorees are Kareel Hongitan, Majoy Baron, Alice Kate Aparri, Mars Pucay and Luigi Paolo Wong.

The oldest honoree 67-year-old Lavandia leads four other great athletes such as Christabel Martes, Katherine Khay Santos, Sandy Abahan and JT Gonzales.

Sunday's exhibit will present  Joseph Domirez Jr.'s works on the Team Lakay, father and son racing tandem Carlos and Inigo Anton as well as professional cager Douglas Cramer.

Source|| PNA 


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Cordilleran Marathon Queen Christabel Martes among Filipinos who dominated the Laguna Phuket run

Marathon Queen Christabel Martes on the Laguna Phuket Marathon
Photo courtesy: Christabel Martes FB via PNA
Cordillera-  Cordilleran marathon queen Christabel Martes is one among the 12 Filipinos who took the top podium and dominated the Laguna Phuket Marathon Thailand last Sunday.

Christabel Martes from La Trinidad, Benguet finished third with compatriot Christine Hallasgo finishing first in the 21 kilometer run among 1,961 female runners who joined the run.

She run with  lots of distractions and it wasn't a joy run after all. "Grabe sa lusong sa lakas ng ulan at hangin," she told PNA.

Queen marathon Martes who joined the 40-49 years old category run the race with a busted shoelace behind Thai runner Natthaya Thanaronnawat who placed second.

"(There) were too many factors that distracted me in the race, two times that my shoelace was busted, that gave the advantage to the Thai runner to move ahead," Martes said.

" At the last two kilometers, sumakit right heel ko, siguro dahil na rin po sa mas malakas na kayud ko sa kanan sa luwag ng sintas," she added.

The 40 year old queen marathon is a four-time Milo Marathon national finals winner and winner of the SEAG marathon in 2001 and 2005.

The first placer 25 year old Hallasgo from Bukidnon ruled last year's 42nd National Milo Marathon Manila.

Other Filipinos who won the race are Luisa Raterta who finished fourth on the 30-39 age category and Jocelyn Elijaran who took the seventh place in the 40-49 age group.

Meanwhile, Richard Salano took the to podium while Prince Joey Lee made second and Jeorge Andrade finished fourth in the men's 21K run.

Source || PNA


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Sagada Art Space to be launched in Sagada Mountain Province

Sagada Dogo Siwang Art Hub
Photo courtesy: SunStar
Cordillera-  Sagada Mountain Province continue to preserve the Igorot's culture and heritage.

The "Dogo Siwang Pagbuyaan" (Theater) and " Dogo Siwang Utuan ya Panganan" (dining area by the rice fields) will be launched in Barangay Patay, Sagada, Mountain Province by the Cordillera News Agency Foundation Inc. (CNA).

The opening of the two traditional features Dogo Siwang Pagbuyaan and  Dogo Siwang Utuan ya Panganan  is the living testament to the preservation and promotion of Sagada's heritage. 

The Dogo Siwang Pagbuyaan will become an area for cultural performances or demonstrations for a bigger audience as well as a receiving area for all visitors touring the art hub.

While the installation of the Dogo Siwang Utuan ya Panganan is to promote the culinary heritage of Sagada.  The traditional kitchen will have a "dapuan" a traditional stove to showcase the preparation of "tapuey" or rice wine and "etag" a preserved  meat through  "masuukan" or smoking using  "tuk-tuk", a wooden apparatus to hang the meat.

The idea is  to encourage interaction and offer real time experience to visitors through demonstrations of how the etag  and tapuey  are prepared in the traditional kitchen .

To understand more about the origin of these important facets of Sagada's culture is to learn about "Todo id Baguilota", a folklore that Sagada elders believed which was passed on for generations. The elders believed that Kabunyan sent his son Lumawig to bring three gifts to the earth: the "balbeg" spear, "gameg" bolo, and "etag" preserved meat. They believed that Lumawig brought these gifts to earth and presented to the Sagada villagers. The etag was prepared in heaven as Lumawig's food on his way to earth.

Today, natives from Sagada learned to prepare etag in three ways: the "binalag" method or sun drying, the "masuukan" method which is done through smoking either in the  "dapuan" or the "pat-yay" chimney and the "binul-ay" method by  preserving the meat inside a jar.

Sagada Dogo Siwang Art Hub was made possible through a grant from the National Commission for Culture and Arts in partnership with the Daoas family and CNA.

The Art hub is conceptualized as a venue for convergence in tourism, educational and cultural exchange to encourage the promotion and  preservation of arts, culture and heritage not just in Sagada but the whole Cordillera.

Source || SunStar Baguio


Monday, June 10, 2019

"DREAM FIGHT": Igorot fighter Edward Folayang vs. Former UFC fighter Alvarez set for August

Two former world champions Edward Folayang  and Eddie Alvarez
Photo courtesy: via Tiebreaker Times
Cordillera- This coming August will be one of the most anticipated dream fight for the two world renowned champions former ONE Lightweight World Champion Edward "Landslide" Folayang against ex-UFC World Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez at the mall of Asia for One Championship:Dawn of Heroes.
The two champions are at a very intriguing crossroad as they are both coming from a loss.  Folayang got choked out by Shinya Aoki while Alvarez got stopped by Timofey Nastyukin last March.

Both champions are determined for a win on this fight because it's their only ticket to be considered a potential opponent for Christian Lee, the reigning One Championship lightweight king. Lee captured the belt from Aoki on a knock out last May.

Ifugao pride Folayang became a national hero when he won several gold medals for the Philippines Wushu Team then shifted to mixed martial arts to be trained by Mark Sangiao of Team Lakay where he debuted in June 2017 capturing Filipino Welterweight Championship. He then made his promotional debut in September 2011 in the main event of One Championship's inaugural show.

Came 2016, Folayang captured ONE Lightweight World Title by defeating the legendary Shinya Aoki. After losing and regaining the title, he defended the belt in a rematch with the Japanese legend but lost on a submission on the first round last March. 

Meanwhile, Alvarez is so far the best Martial artist in history who claimed World Titles in  both America's leading promotions. Now he intends to keep his status being the all time great by capturing the One Lightweight World Championship. But now that he's on a comeback trail after losing on  a knockout against Rusisan Timothy Nastyukhin, he needs to defeat Folayang if he  hopes to restore his chances at the One World Title.

This is indeed a battle of two former world champions which is going to be  a huge test for both fighters.


Sunday, June 9, 2019

Carl James "Wonder Boy" Martin delivers impressive knock out victory against Thai foe

Carl James "Wonder Boy" Martin is still undefeated
Photo courtesy || Alvin S. Go/Rappler
Cordillera- Ifugao Carl James "Wonder Boy" Martin scored a knockout against Thai opponent Yutthichai Wannawong in just one round that raised his record to 13 wins with 12 knockouts in his second televised fight on Sunday at the TV5 studio Novaliches, Quezon City.

From the opening bell, Martin attacked his Thai opponent and caught him with an overhand right to the head after hits to the body. Wannawong managed to get on his feet but struggled to keep his balance till referee Danrex Tapdasan reached the full count for the knockout.

"During my first televised match, I struggled to keep my focus because I wasn't used to the lights and cameras. But now I was more calm. I was not looking for the knockout early," Martin said after the match. "I just wanted to be aggressive to give the fans a good show. My opponent was a lot taller than me but it was not a problem since I'm used to it already."

Lagawe, Ifugao's pride Martin, is the youngest boxing sensation and currently the number 11 in the World Boxing Association's bantamweight rankings but he conceded that he's not yet ready for a world title shot.

"I think I'm still three years away. I really want to have more televised fights so more people can see how I fight and so I'll also discover what I need to improve on," Martin said.

His coach Penalosa once compared him with Manny Pacquiao because of his aggressiveness and left-handed punch but the humble fighter didn't agree with the comparison.

"I've been told that I fight like him but I know there's only one Manny Pacquiao so I wanted to change my fight style. But when I train and when I fight, I keep going back to that style so I think I'll just have to accept it," Martin shared.

Source || ESPN5

Watch his fight here: Video courtesy of Powcast Sports


Saturday, June 8, 2019

Jeordan Dominguez from Bauko, Mt. Province wins GOLD at 2019 SEA Games Taekwondo Competition

Third placer Jeordan Dominguez (right)
Photo courtesy || World Taekwondo Association via PNA
Cordillera - Jeordan Dominguez won Gold medal in the Freestyle Poomsae Individual Men's competition during the 2019 Southeast Asian game on December 4, 2019

Cordillera- Igorot Jeordan Dominguez marked history when he won the bronze medal scoring 7.52 points, in the World first Taekwondo Poomsae Grand Prix in Rome, Italy last Friday.

"First ever medal ng Philippines sa World Grand Prix," Dominguez told PNA

The fifth seed Dominguez scored 4.5 and 3.02  which qualified for third place after the world number 2 Lin Yu Han from Taiwan who got 7.88 points for the gold medal and third seed Dhin Khul Nguyen from Vietnam who got 7.7 points to take the second place.

Dominguez is a native of Otucan, Mountain Province but lives in Baguio. He hopes to bring his luck to the next competition in the pair on Sunday along with his compatriot Janna Dominuque Oliva who made 6.54 points to finish fifth on the women's side.

The president of World Taekwondo Federation, Chungwon Choue said that  the Rome Grand Prix included poomsae, a form component of the Korean martial arts, for the first time in his invitation to all national federations including the Philippines where Dominguez qualified.

Only the world's eight players were invited to the tournament in the "Eternal City" in which Dominguez ranked fifth.

"Ranked 1 to 8 ng world ang mag lalaban-laban and I'm so lucky po na na-invite ako. Nasa rank 5 po ako ngayon," said Domuinguez who won a bronze in the team poomsae of the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.

Dominguez thanked the Philippine Taekwondo Association and its president Grand master Sung Chon Hong for letting him have the opportunity to compete in the poomsae competition of the World Grand Prix in his Facebook page. He also extended his  appreciation to all his fellow players who encouraged him to do his best despite sleepless nights, pains, and aches that brought the Philippines' first medal in the World Grand Prix.

Source || PNA

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Apayao PMA graduates encourage fellow youth to follow their footsteps

Photo courtesy: RMC-PIA CAR
Baguio City-  Recently commissioned  Arm Forces of the Philippines (AFP) officers from Apayao encourage their fellow youth to follow their footsteps and join the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).

"Sa mga kabataan sa aking bayan ng Apayao, nauna na kami sa PMA, at sana kayo naman ang sumunod" Tugaoen said during an interview after the graduation ceremony.

Iapayao's pride Navy Ensign Mike Tugaoen from Luna and 2nd Lieutenant Dexter Tucrang from Kabugao  who are both members of the 261-strong PMA "MABALASIK" class of 2019 graduated on May 26 at the Fort Del Pilar.

Navy Ensign Mike Tugaoen
 Photo courtesy: RMC-PIA CAR
Tugaoen who hails from Turod Luna and will be joining the Philippine Navy had a simple life but with a dream to join the military. His ambition to become a peacekeeper of the country and to help alleviate the  living standard of his family are among his reasons to join the PMA.

"Pangarap ko talagang maging sundalo para makatulong sa bansa at syempre para matulungan ko din ang pamilya ko na umangat sa buhay," Tugaoen said.

His desire to become a soldier of the country's armed forces to defend the people and the country came about with the history of his hometown in Marag Valley which was once called "no man's land".  This was back in the 1970's when the New People's Army (NPA) took the Valley as their stronghold.

He decided to take the PMA entrance exams and passed while on his 3rd year in Criminology  at the University of the Cordilleras (UC) in Baguio City. After four years of Academic and training in the Academy, his dream to become a soldier, a junior military officer has been fulfilled.

Meanwhile, another Iapayao's pride Dexter Tucrang from Publacion, Kabugao also aspired to become a PMA cadet and soldier to ensure peace and order in the country. He was a graduating Engineering student at Saint Louis Tuguegarao back then when he entered the PMA in 2015.
2nd Lieutenant Dexter Tucrang
Photo courtesy: RMC-PIA CAR
Tucrang was a scholar of the Provincial Government of Apayao under the programs initiated by Governor Elias Bulut, Jr. and Congressman Eleanor Begtang and eventually a scholar  at the PMA. Being a scholar made him study hard, exceed expectations and strive to graduate.

"Take the PMA challenge and enter the road less traveled; enter the noblest profession," Tucrang said as an encouragement to the younger generations of Apayao.

He already helped his parents and siblings in their daily lives by becoming a cadet which he would still do now that he became a fully pledged member of the AFP as 2nd Lieutenant of the Philippine Army.

"Super proud ako. Parang nanalo ako ng sweepstakes sa saya ko," Robert Tucrang cried while hugging his son, Dexter, at the graduation grounds.

For Tucrang, he fulfilled his father's dream of having one of his children graduate from the premiere military school in Asia.

Mayor-elect Bensmar Ligwang of Kabugao expressed his joy for having a  PMA cadet graduate hailing from their remote municipality.

"I am very happy we have the first PMA graduate from Kabugao and I even witnessed it personally at the PMA grounds. This  gives pride to our municipality and even to the province of Apayao and we will be giving recognition for this accomplishment," Ligwang said.

The provincial government of Apayao will be recognizing the two new graduates who gave pride to the Iapayaos and served as an inspiration to the youth.

source || PIA

Monday, June 3, 2019

Honest taxi driver from Sagada returns lost mobile phone to owner

As posted by Marlon Bernard Baso on Facebook
Photo Courtesy || Marlon Bernard Baso
Cordillera - An honest taxi driver Mr. Joseph Inso from Sagada, Mt. Province returned the cellphone which was accidentally dropped from the pocket of my niece at the front seat of the taxi Ganduyan. 

We boarded the taxi at Lubas going to Km 4, La Trinidad, Benguet at about past 9am last Sunday - May 26, 2019 when the cellphone dropped unknowingly from the pocket of my niece. 

It was only when we arrived at the house when she noticed that her cellphone is missing. Frantically, she searched her pockets and her bags but shed didn't find it in either of them. 

So she suspected she might have dropped in the taxi we boarded.

Right away we contacted the missing cellphone and it was ringing but no reply. We also sent text messages but no reply. 

It's only this day June 2, 2019 about a week ago that the taxi driver found the cellphone when a passenger adjusted the seat and the cell phone dropped. 

Then the taxi driver was reminded of the calls and text that we had sent him. So he contacted me this afternoon and I met him at Slaughter Compound, Baguio City. 

He handed me the cell phone of which I am very grateful. 

With permission I asked for his name and took pictures of the taxi. To the taxi driver, thank you very much for your honesty. May God bless you and protect you through out your life. 
Photo Courtesy || Marlon Bernard Baso

Photo courtesy || Marlon Bernard Baso


Sunday, June 2, 2019

Fearless and courageous young Igorota girl saves a child from an evil molester

Reposted from Cheryl L. Daytec-Yangot FB post

A few hours  ago, JM Madinno rode a jeepney from La Trinidad to Baguio. She noticed that an adult was molesting a child, a girl, who was leaning on him. Secretly, JM took a video recording. She and her friends went to Burnham Park and saw the same man with same child. His one arm was wrapped around the child whose attention was glued to a phone. Meanwhile, his other hand was moving on the child's privates. JM took pictures. 

JM reported the matter to the police. She also uploaded on the Baguio Sumbungan Forum FB Group the video and pictures she took. Within hours, the child molester, a chess/damath coach, was apprehended by the police. The child is one of the kids he has been coaching. 

If we all try to be JM OLSIM MADINNO who, even if very young, courageously made a stand against evil, we can make the world a safe place for our children and everyone. The government has interagency committees to end sexual exploitation of children. One challenge is how to get everyone to be a JM whose concern went beyond herself to an innocent stranger. 

I have to further commend JM because she took extra care to protect the privacy of the girl-child by blurring the latter's face in the pictures. 

Let us all try to be a JM. She embraces the pain of others as hers. She teachers us not lose hope in humanity. Hers should be the face of that humanity. 

We apologize to JM for the public bashing she got. She should have reported the matter to the police, bashers say. Geez, she did that. JM should not have blurred the victim's face, so people could identify her, bashers say. Ha??

Thankfully, JM is cut above all of us. Even if herself a child, she knew exactly what to do. There were adults in that jeepney. Some of them must have seen what this girl of tender years saw and found not right. But who made a stand? Who stood up?

The police say JM was afraid and confused as to what to do about what she witnessed. But in the end, she rose above her fears and did what no adult in that jeepney she fortuitously took did. That is courage. It is not being fearless: it is rising above one's fear to do the right thing even at great peril to oneself.


Saturday, June 1, 2019

Undefeated Ifugao boxer Carl Jammes “Wonder Boy” Martin to face "dangerous" Indian boxer in June 9

Photo Courtesy || Carl Martin "Wonder Boy" Martin FB.
Cordillera - Ifugao youngest boxing sensation Carl Jammes "Wonder Boy" Martin is set to face "dangerous" undefeated Indian boxer on June 9 at the Midas Hotel and Casino in Pasay City. 
Martin is undefeated with a record of 12 wins with all 11 wins came by way of technical knockout (TKO). 

The 20-year-old Martin's last fight was against the veteran Thai champion Pethchorhae Kokietgym who suffered a TKO in the third round during their encounter on February 16 at the SM City North Edsa. 

The hard-punching Martin is a native of Lagawe, Ifugao and had been training under his new coach and former world champion Gerry Penalosa. 

Martin was recently cited by the Ring Magazine as one of five Filipino prospects under the category "Keep An Eye On" and once compared to senator Manny Pacquao by Penalosa because of his explosiveness and left-handed punch.

"The kid has charisma. He's not hard to talk to. Carl is explosive and left-handed. He reminds me of Manny and has tremendous power."
Penalosa promised to keep testing and training Martin and hopefully will get a world title shot next year.

Martin currently holds the WBO Oriental Youth bantamweight title and the WBA Asia bantamweight championship. 


19-year-old golfing pride of Cordillera wins amateur golf tilt in Florida

Photo Courtesy || Fil-am Golf Media  via PNA
Cordillera - A young parbuster from La Trinidad, Benguet won the Bridgestone Tournament of Champions held at the Grand Cypress in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday.

19-year-old Luigi Paolo Wong who is a member of the Philippine team closed with a three under par for a three-round total of five under 211 to win the games in Florida.

Wong, who saw action in the 2017 Southeast Asian Games (SEAG) in Malaysia had earlier rounds of two under 70 and even par 72 to take the crown in the event, which he had "accidentally" joined. 

"Paolo was supposed to just visit his coach in Florida for some swing adjustment, but he took advantage of joining this tournament which is played just an hour drive away from his coach's place," his sibling Da Net Wong told told the Philippines News Agency (PNA).

Paolo shot a total of 5 under for three days, a 2-under 70 on the first day, an even par 72 on the second day and three-under 69 on the last day, according to Da Net. 

Wong learned and honed his skills at the Baguio Country Club and John Hay golf course about seven kilometers from his hometown in La Trinidad. 

He is the second Cordilleran to make good in national golf, the first is Baguio-raised Mars Pucay who was the best amateur golfer in the city and later became a top pro. 

Wong, together with Carl Jano Corpus, Sean Jean Ramos and Aidric Chan will be leaving for Japan in two weeks to compete in the Toyota World Junior Championship. 

source || PNA


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